Friday, October 21, 2016

One week to go until race day

I have one week left until my second half marathon. On the one hand, I am not too nervous this time, because I have already run one and I have done all (or almost all) the training my plan calls for. On the other hand, all that training has been in hot, humid weather, and has seemed really slow and slogging. So, my expectations are teetering between high - I'd like to get a nice PR and improve my time - and low - I don't feel speedy, and have a feeling that the course will be a slower one than the Little Rock course.

Not that it matters, really. I am running for fun, right? And it is only my second attempt at this distance, so, as long as I finish even close to my previous time, and don't get injured, I am going to try to have a good time.