Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Still running

I went on a five mile run this morning, because when I got to my planned turn around at two miles I wasn't quite ready to go back. It was great. I love that my body is strong enough now for be to be able to make that decision on the spur of the moment. I love that the weather has turned cooler, so I don't instantly regret that decision because of killer heat. I love that running calms my over-anxious, over-thinking mind and gives me strength in more than physical ways. 

As we move into fall and I move into a new phase of life, trying once again to decide what I want to do with myself, how I want to inhabit my place in the world, I cherish the space that running gives me to deal, to think, to believe. 

And now, since most of you probably only come here for the pictures, here is a recent one of Malcolm. He has grown so much lately - I was looking back at the last few pictures I posted of him in the spring, and it is almost an entirely different child!