Thursday, August 23, 2012

5 Weeks Old

Malcolm is 5 weeks old as of yesterday. I have a hard time believing it has been only 5 weeks. So much has happened in his development...and I am somewhat sleep deprived, so time sometimes gets away from me.

Anyway, he is eating well (like, all the time - it is hard not to feel like a walking buffet at times), gaining weight, and doing all the things babies are supposed to be doing at this point. After the worries and stress of the first week, we are grateful for normal.

Compare to the picture from 2 weeks old... Mal's gaining on Oliver!
 I don't want this to become solely a baby blog, but I have, understandably, not been doing much beyond being a mother. As a result, posting here will continue to be rather light for a while. But never fear - I will be returning to tennis soon, and I am actually managing to read quite a bit (mostly while nursing - see above re Malcolm eating well) so I might have the occasional book review. And once he starts sleeping longer, or at least allowing me to put him down once in a while, I might actually start baking again.