Friday, October 22, 2010


Yummy, yummy cheese...
People, it is Friday, and I am tired. I have been having some allergy/cold issues this week that have made it hard to sleep well. I haven't been to the gym enough, because I haven't had enough sleep, so my endorphin levels are low, so I am cranky too.  Work has had some issues that I would love to discuss with you, if it weren't impolitic and frankly rather stupid to put such things out on the interwebs.  For now, I think I would like a nice cheese and a good drink, and some time off. Failing that, I would take a full night's sleep without coughing.

Cherry beer. At a cafe. With Cheese. And Chocolate. Please.
We have a hike planned with some friends this weekend, and there should be some time for me to get pictures off the camera, at last, so hopefully I will have more cheery topics to blog about soon. In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves.

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