Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Miikka

Here is a sleepy Miikka, basking in the sun. He was all crammed up against the sliding glass window - you wouldn't think it would be comfortable, but he didn't seem to mind. Such a sweet baby, when he is sleeping.

Last night, I took the first batch of apples out of the dehydrator and bagged them up. Is it weird that I find the vacuum sealer kind of addictive? Once I was done with the apples, I was trying to think of something else in our kitchen that needed to be vacuum sealed, just because I was having fun. The vacuum sealer I have is fairly basic - you press down on the lid, it makes a loud humming noise as it sucks the air out of the bag, then another, louder humming noise as it heats up and seals the bag. It isn't at all exciting, in the normal sense of that word. Nothing to see, other than a bag getting flatter and flatter. But I really wanted to keep sealing stuff. I restrained myself, especially when I got to the idea of sealing everything for my lunch today... That was going too far, even in my imagination!

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