Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Didn't Forget

I didn't forget about writing today, I've just been busy, again. See, Benjamin has been out of town this weekend, and somehow, I always end up incredibly busy when he goes away. I think I am going to have plenty of extra downtime, lots of relaxing, but instead, I find so many projects to work on that I go to bed later, and have less time to goof off. Miikka and I go for extra walks - not sure why - maybe I feel guilty for being busy? I bake, I have to do all the cleaning after I cook, I plan things with friends.

Anyway, weekend has been very busy. I haven't had any time to sit today, until now. Normally, I would be getting ready for bed, but since I have to fetch Benjamin in a couple of hours, I have to stay up. Ah well. Good thing there is a hockey game to watch and muffins to eat.

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