Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hike and record achieved

We did indeed make it out to the woods today,to the Caddo Bend trail at Lake Ouachita State Park, but you will have to wait for pictures because I am too tired and lazy to get them off the camera today. Hey, I went hiking, and ran errands, and it was hot. Which brings me to my next point. Little Rock broke a record today, by hitting 90 degrees.  It was the 116th day of 90+ weather this year. Ugh. Now that we have set a new record, I hope we get some rain and return to the cooler weather we had last weekend.

I plan to drink my rum and Coke, eat a roasted vegetable sandwich, watch a hockey game - yay hockey season! - and relax. There will be pictures tomorrow, I promise. 

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