Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Again

I love Wednesday for the fact that it marks the midpoint of the week, and after lunchtime, there is less of the week left to survive than has already passed. I also love that our schedule is usually free enough to go out to eat on Wednesday nights.  It is far enough away from the weekend past that it doesn't feel decadent to go out. I mean, we might have run out of groceries by that point, but never by Monday.

What don't I love about Wednesdays?  Trying to come up with something to write about on my blog. So, you get to hear about the orientation for Miikka's next obedience class. Last night, I went to it. There were some very impressive demonstrations by dogs and handlers who have obviously spent way more time than I have in training (one of them was in Miikka's puppy class last fall...dancing, and doing agility).  Other than that, I didn't really need to be there. Next week is when the class starts up. Miikka is getting better behaved as he grows up, but he could definitely still use some better manners, especially when guests come over. my real goal though is to get him trained enough that I can start doing some agility work with him.  He jumps really well for a dog who is part dachshund, and he has tons of energy. I am hoping that this class will be enough, and that I will be disciplined enough to practice throughout the week.

So there is my mid-week report. Whee.

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