Sunday, October 10, 2010

Apples and apples

I have spent an hour and a half preparing apples for the dehydrator.  On Friday, Benjamin picked up my 40 pound box of Golden Delicious from Conway Locally Grown, and yesterday I went to Williams-Sonoma to find a good apple corer (the red handled tool in the upper photo). A corer is a very big help when you are making dehydrated apples, because it means you can make apple rings, instead of just apple slices.  I decided to peel my apples too, although that is not absolutely necessary.  Since these apples were minimally sprayed (although not absolutely organic), they had a lot of blemishes on the skins.

The box of apples is going to take several days to process, since I didn't even get through half of the apples. The slices are a lot bigger than the peach slices, so I can't get as many on each tray. Processing apples is sort of easier, because no boiling water is involved in removing the skins, and the apples aren't as slimy. The mess is smaller too. So, I will probably be peeling apples again tomorrow night, and again on Wednesday (won't be home on Tuesday night). But that is OK, since it will mean I have apples to eat all winter.

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Candace said...

Wow...that is a great apple corer. Guess a trip to the WS at the square is in the future:)