Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring flowers at the end of spring break

 Here are some of the flowers that are in my yard right now, post-daffodil, pre-rose. The warm weather has prompted everything to really get growing!

Jessamine, trying to escape the yard.
This week has had lovely weather, although it has reverted to more seasonal cold and gray today.

Benjamin has been on Spring Break all this week, and has been busy showing his mom around Little Rock, and grading mid-term exams. Whee.

Lily-like flower that I decided was something last year and now I can't remember
But he also took some time to build another raised bed for our vegetable garden, which we will be filling soon with tomatoes and other scrumptious things to eat. So spring is well under way here in Little Rock.


Anonymous said...

Pretty garden. Great photos.


mdvlist said...

Are those your fritillaria again? Lovely. (Envious.)