Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Normal" People, Unite

Why oh why do clothes sellers use models that are sticks? And why do they pose these models in such weird positions? I am not a stick - I am not overweight, but I probably weigh 50 pounds (at least) more than the models of comparable height. I have hips, and boobs, and large muscular thighs. When I am trying to decide what to buy, therefore, models such as this one are no help at all. No hips, skinny little legs, minuscule butt. Or what about this one?

Jeans from the Gap

Only the model looks good in these jeans, and I am not even sure that she does. I would look like an overstuffed sausage in these pants. Most women would have a muffin top of epic proportions, if they could even get them zipped.

How can I tell if I like a dress, when the model is slumped in a posture that makes me think she is fainting from hunger?
Dress from Forever 21

This dress, by the way, is so short that I am not sure how the model even moves without showing more than she should. I would have to wear a pair of jeans underneath it or something, treat it like a tunic.

Come on, fashion world and clothes sellers, use women of all sizes, shapes, and ethnicity. If you want us to buy your clothes, show us what WE would look like in your clothes. Sure, use some of the skinny models - there are skinny people out there too, but use someone my size, or my friends who are closer to 5' than 6'. Show me someone with real hips and real boobs and a real butt. And stand up straight.

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Beckie said...

Thanks for this Hope. I find the boob thing much more problematic for myself. I absolutely love going to a store and trying on shirts that have an empire/princess cut to them that look fine on a model, but the waist lands above my nipples.