Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Creamy does her thing

This mouse shall learn a lesson!
 Lately, Creamsicle has taken to joining us for meals and some petting. She is very insistent, and will let you know with headbutting that ignoring her is not an option.  One morning last week, however, she decided that it was time to take on the mouse. Most mornings, we have two computers out and open on the kitchen table, the one on the left being the newer one, with an actual (computer) mouse attached.
Take that! You shall remember the fearsome name Creamsicle!
She attacked for all she was worth, as if it was a real mouse to be disemboweled. Some of you may remember what she can do to a stuffed mouse.  Luckily, the computer mouse seemed to be made of sterner stuff than the felt mouse.

What? It was asking for it! And surely you wanted iTunes open, so I opened it for you.
She didn't do any real damage, but she did open a few programs and reconfigure the desktop... Oh Creamy. Why don't you go play with Miikka instead? It would get less cat hair on the table. They do play, by the way. Miikka dances around her, barking, and she lays on the floor, taking occasional swipes at him and hissing. When she is done playing, she goes over to a hatbox that is in the living room. Once she is on the box, Miikka knows to leave her alone. Don't know how she taught him that, but it seems to work.


Candace said...

Ah, young, modern couples...computers, food and animals all in the same place:)

Hope said...

There is no food in the picture! And she is very, very persistent. And the computer takes the place of the newspaper that we don't get.