Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer left-overs

Daylily in the front garden, from Amber as a housewarming gift

Since nothing much has been happening around here for the last month, here are some random pictures from earlier in the summer, before the yard had been overcome by heat and lack of rain, and before we lost our will to hike and go outside.

They ain't kidding about being steep...
 Pinnacle Mountain, the last time we went hiking, in June.

The view from the top, if you survive that long.

Our meager crop of Yukon Gold potatoes from one of the planters. The leaves all gotten eaten by bugs at some point. Ah, gardening.

Curse you varmints. You know they eat raccoons in this state, right?
 Raccoons came to visit several times at the beginning of the summer, before someone got smart and took the birdseed to the garage.

A pooped Miikka after a successful party.

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Candace said...

New pictures, hurray!