Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heat rant #2

Remember what I said last week about how it was too hot here? Well, it seems I was a little premature in my ranting, because this week is even hotter. My dad sent this screen capture along to let us know that we won the heat derby yesterday:

Do you see that? We were hotter than Phoenix and Sedona. Maybe not today, since Phoenix is supposed to be around 110, and we are only supposed to be around 105, but that wouldn't make me sad.  The weather report on the radio said that we got up to 107 for a little bit, which made it the hottest day in 10 years. Lucky us.

I'd stop whining about the weather and talk about something else, if there was anything else going on here. Hmm, I guess I still have pictures from our trip to D.C. to post. Maybe tomorrow, if I haven't melted yet.

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