Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday already

Wow, it is Friday again already. Not that this week has been particularly eventful, but it has gone by somewhat quicker than I expected. The weather is finally cooling off some, so we have been able to go on walks. I got a new workout from my personal trainer, so my shoulders are sore as I adjust to new exercises. School started for Benjamin this week.  I finished a really good book, The Case for God by Karen Armstrong. It is a sort of history of religion and the way God has been conceived and understood over the millennia. Long and dense, but full of interesting insights that made me pull out a pencil and start underlining. I also went Aha! a few times.

And now for the weekend: I have plans to go shopping with a couple of friends, and maybe do some yard work while it is cool. Yay! Otherwise, I suspect there will be more walks, and some food eaten. I will try to have some new pictures next week.

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