Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My world view...maybe

OK, OK, I have been a lazy blogger lately, but honestly, summer is my least favorite time of year, and it sort of sucks the life out of me. Add to that all the big stuff I've had happen this summer, and I am just burned out. Anyway, I saw this comic this morning, and some days, this is so my point of view:

Pearls Before Swine


Candace said...

Miss Marple shared your world view!

mdvlist said...

I don't know if I share the world view, but it's hysterical anyway.

I've rather come to hate the summer, too, but fall is on its way! (Not soon enough, I know. It's supposed to be 92 and humid on Monday here, so I'm kind of in denial.)

Jenn said...

That comic states my world view rather nicely :)