Friday, July 10, 2009

Dig Dam Bridge Pictures

OK. Some pictures from last weekend, before we start this weekend. This first one is the Big Dam Bridge - where we started our ride. I was glad to stop for a minute after the climb up that hill! The path goes over the dam on the Arkansas River. Pretty nifty.

This is a picture of the view, looking at the I-430 bridge and Pinnacle Mountain in the background. If you squint, you can almost imagine you are crossing Lake Washington. Almost.

At the other end of the bike ride (or the middle) we crossed the pedestrian/bike bridge over the river in the middle of Little Rock. It is on an old railroad bridge. The view would have been quite good, it it hadn't started pouring rain as we got there.

This was as dry as I would be, since we set off into the rain once again shortly after. The rain wasn't bad though - it certainly kept us from overheating.

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