Thursday, August 6, 2009

Out of Power

Why does the power always go out at inconvenient times? Like just after I get up, while I am in the windowless bathroom? Before I have to make breakfast in my entirely electric kitchen? That is what happened this morning. The alarm went off, I got up and turned it off, then headed to the bathroom for personal ablutions. Our bathroom is so dark that we have a little nightlight in there for middle of the night trips, but it doesn't work when the power goes out. D'oh!

Anyway, I made my way down our also windowless and dark hallway towards the kitchen. Luckily, the sun had started to come up - unlike yesterday when it was pouring rain and dark as pitch - so I could see to take Miikka out to potty. But I had to dig out candles to make my lunch (should have done it last night, but I was lazy). And batteries for the radio. We have a couple of flashlights, and one small camping lantern, but apart from one flashlight, they all got misplaced when we moved and I have yet to uncover them again. Next trip to Home Depot or Lowe's I am picking up one of those multi-packs of various sizes of flashlights. And batteries. And I am finding that lantern.

I had to go out for breakfast, since I couldn't quite warm to the idea of cereal for breakfast (it is strictly a snack food for me). Not that I minded too much. The bagel place makes good breakfast sandwiches, and I also picked up a half dozen day-old bagels for the freezer.

When I called to report the outage, the operator informed me that a crew was on its way, and that the power would be back on my 8:30. Some help, when I leave at 7:20 for work. What I don't get, is why the power goes out on a perfectly clear morning, but not during any of our recent large thunderstorms. Huh.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad mom and dad had left...they are good at buying things at Lowe's and Home Depot:)