Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday. Bleh.

Oh Monday, why must thou come and ruin my weekend? Seriously though, it was a good weekend. Saturday was our housewarming party - and people actually came and had a good time! It has been so long since we were able to entertain anyone that I was a little apprehensive that everything would work out. But it did. There was lots of food, plenty of beer, desserts galore, weather so nice I couldn't have ordered better from a catalogue if it was available, some bocce, and fun people. Whee! Miikka was the hit of the party - several set of friends tried to take him home with them. He fell in love with Em and Scarlet and Crystal.

And on Sunday I took an hour long nap, made bread, and played some bocce (Benjamin won - pblt!).

But now it is work time, and although I would love to take another nap, and go loll around outside, I must sit at my desk and do some work. Being a grown up can sure be a pain!