Thursday, April 30, 2009

Of donuts and cookies

I don't eat donuts very often, and I don't buy cookies very often, but Ed's Bakery in Conway makes me wish I did both a whole lot more often. Benjamin wanted to take donuts to his class today, since it was the last day for the semester. Because I have the car all day, the best solution was for me to go get them this morning, before I left for work. We called last night to find out what time they opened, and got an actual human being on the line, long after they were closed. That was pleasant surprise number 1. Pleasant surprise number 2 was the friendly, cheerful, helpful woman who packed up my 2 dozen donuts, dozen pecan sandies and apple fritter. It was 5:30 in the morning, for pete's sake, and she was more cheerful than many people are at noon. She suggested I try the apple fritter sliced, like a loaf of bread. When I said I had never had one that way, she said "Where have you been, girl? Once you have it sliced you will never go back!" And she is right. Somehow, the fritter was more delicious because it was in thin slices.

Oh yeah, the cookies. I got a dozen cookies while I was there to take into work. We have had a busy/difficult week at work - two vacancies in the circulation deparment, one reference librarian out sick, a supervisor out one day, and constant threats of thunderstorms - and needed some reward. I haven't tasted them (that apple fritter for breakfast...) yet, but everyone who has says they are amazing.

And the best part? It is a local bakery, staffed by local college students and the owners (the lady was one of them) who know their patrons. My favorite kind of place. Now, if only I had the metabolism to eat donuts every week...


Anonymous said...

Oh, this makes me glad that we have only the slim temptation of Dunkin Donuts (which seems to be the Starbucks of MA-- one on every corner!).

Jennefer said... fritters!