Monday, May 4, 2009

A bluebird of happiness for your Monday

Remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we had a bluebird within sight of our bedroom window? And that I couldn't get any good pictures of him? Well, I finally did manage to get a couple of good pictures of him, and even more miraculous, I found time to get the pictures off of the camera. Isn't he cute? Now, if only I had a telephoto lens, so I could get a real close-up.

It rained on us all weekend, and by rain I don't mean Seattle-style drizzle rain, I mean buckets. At least 3" by Saturday afternoon. It was good to go through the pictures on the camera of sunny days just a week past and remember that it won't always be so wet.


Anonymous said...

What you got is fine, but I agree it would be better closer. Can you lure him any closer with a different bird feeder? That way you could probably get a really excellent picture. I remember getting a good picture of the red cardinals on your deck in Austin.


Mary aka "weaver" said...

Wonderful! What a great visitor to have in your yard.