Friday, May 15, 2009

House stinks

We have officially begun our house hunting adventure. And so far, it isn't that much fun. We saw 4 houses last weekend. 1 was cute but after thought too small. One had a lot of side yard, but no back yard, and felt like a granny house. 2 were weird/70s funky. We found one we really, really wanted to see, but it has a contract pending. We are going to see a couple more today, and a couple more on Sunday. Several others we wanted to see are also already under contract. If we want to see houses in Conway (we are currently looking in another town between Conway and LR), we discovered that we have to get a different agent, since the two don't cooperate with each other. Huh.

Why can't it just go smooth? Why does nothing go smooth? Why can't I buy a house off Amazon, get super saver shipping, and be all set?

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