Wednesday, May 20, 2009

House update

So, it has been sort of a whirlwind last few days. On Friday, we went to see a couple of houses. We liked the first one right away, but went to see the next one anyway. It wasn't what we were looking for. There was one more we really wanted to see, because it appeared to have potential, so we decided to go see it before we made a decision about the 1st Friday house. Well, both the houses we looked at on Saturday bombed, so the Friday house was our choice. We made an offer on Saturday, found out that there was another offer already, and then had to sweat and wait until Monday morning, when the owner returned from out of town.

But, we got it! Then the stopwatch started and the race began. Lining up an inspection, getting the loan process going, finding the proper paperwork... And Benjamin is going out of town for a week and a half, and the car is in the shop. Gah! But, if everything goes as it should, we will close on our 8th wedding anniversary and be out of our apartment by the end of June. Anyway, here are a few of pictures of the house.

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