Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bluebirds and red clover

I am very excited because we have bluebirds here in Arkansas. I have never lived anywhere with bluebirds, and now we appear to have a pair nesting within sight of our bedroom window. The house behind us (with the shed where Creamsicle holed up during her AWOL stunt last fall) had a large garden with a few nesting boxes, and that is where I have seen a male bluebird several mornings now. Alas, they are just a bit too far away for my digital zoom, so all I get are little blue blurs when I try to take a picture. Instead, here is a picture from Bill of the Birds that is pretty similar to what I can see through binoculars (picture from the April 3rd blog entry).

We also have carpets of crimson clover along the roadsides that I am dying to take pictures of. Alas again, it is only on the roadsides. I may have found a patch that I can reach safely for picture taking - if i do, you will be sure to know. For now, the pictures on Wikipedia will have to be enough.

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