Thursday, April 23, 2009

Breakfast at Ashley's

I had to get up at 4 AM this morning to take Benjamin to the airport. Urgh. We got him there at 5, and presumably he is on his way by now. On a normal day, I would have had to keep myself busy until 7:30 or so, and then head to work. Today, however, I am attending a seminar at the downtown public library, and it doesn't start until 9. So, yes, that is 4 hours to kill between drop-off and start time. I didn't want to drive home, because that is just a waste of time and gasoline. Since it was so early that nothing else was open, I decided to take advantage of the free wi-fi at the airport for an hour or so, and play on my Facebook page. I just started one yesterday, so I am still exploring. And that was fine, but I also needed breakfast.

Now, I like eating breakfast out, but I prefer it to be a good breakfast. Except when heading out on a camping trip, I don't want just a sausage biscuit from McDs. And I don't want waffles - we make those all the time at home. I need a nice sitdown breakfast. What to do? Where to go? The answer: Ashley's at the Capitol Hotel. We ate dinner there with my parents at Christmas and were suitably impressed. Benjamin was even convinced to give up his prejudice against fancy restaurants on account of Ashley's. And they serve breakfast. Lovely, lovely breakfast. I had sourdough buckwheat pancakes, with syrup imported from Vermont. Topped with baked Arkansas Black apples and a tangerine-cinnamon whipped cream. With locally farmed bacon. So, so good! The pancakes weren't big fluffy tasteless things. No, they were light, but substantial, crispy but tender. And the apples and cream...I could eat a big bowl of them just on their own.

I can't wait for another opportunity to have breakfast there again. With Benjamin.

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