Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!

It is Earth Day today. I wish I could say that I will be planting trees all day, or picking up litter, or working in a solar office or something like that. I am not. I did carpool, and I brought my own lunch, and I am using my own mug for tea here at my desk. But those are things I do on a regular basis.
I guess that is the point of Earth Day though, to make you think about what you do on a regular basis that could be greened up, made cleaner. At the moment, I think Benjamin and I are about as green as we can get. I suppose we could ride our bikes to the grocery store, but given the amount of groceries we buy at one time, and the fact that I do the grocery shopping on my own, that isn't very practical. If we were going to be living where we are for a long time, I might invest in panniers or a cart or something so I could get all the groceries home, but we will be moving this summer. And it gets really hot in AR in the summer, hot enough to melt any frozen goods between the store and home.

But, we do buy as many groceries as we can from our local CSA, including grass-fed bison, raw milk cheese, and pastured eggs. And I bake our bread, and we dry clothes (not all, but our apartment is small) on racks and hangers hung throughout the apartment.

Want more suggestions and tips? Check out the Sierra Club Green Tips Library. And use your own God-given common sense. If you have something reusable that could replace something disposable, use it. If you don't need to buy something, don't.

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Andrea said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and really enjoy it... what a gorgeous photo of the woods!