Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday, icy Friday

Friday! It is sleeting outside at the moment, after a couple of layers of rain and snow, which means it is slippery and nasty out. I just sent Benjamin off to work, feeling rather like a 1950s TV wife/doting mother as I made him take a hat and umbrella and got his (hand-knitted) scarf for him. Personally, I don't plan to go outside unless I have to. I will probably need a walk at some point, and may have to go pick up cat food at the pet store, but otherwise, I intend to stay in and bake sourdough bread. Homemade pizza for dinner tonight. Yum.

At least when it snows here, school gets canceled - we heard on the Toronto radio station that the school buses are canceled, but not school. The poor kids have to walk to school in the snow and nasty weather! Urgh.

Superbowl on Sunday. We don't have any plans, other than to watch it, and maybe make some guacamole. Yum, guacamole. I will probably be pulling for the Giants. I don't like cheering for the favorite unless it is my particular favorite.

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