Tuesday, January 15, 2008

That seems backwards

I am now safely ensconced at my parent's house in Bellevue, after a relatively uneventful trip. What is backwards is the weather - it was supposed to snow Sunday night and Monday in Brockport, but it was merely raining when Benjamin dropped me at the airport. Instead, it started snowing here in Bellevue soon after Mom picked me up from the airport. There was enough snow on the ground, and ice on the roadways, for many of the school districts to have delayed starts. That isn't supposed to happen here!

Back to traveling. What is it about airports and airplanes that brings out the petty toddler in grown adults? Is it being told what to do in circumstances where they have no real choice? Are people really breaking that many laws all over the place, but they are just more noticeable on the plane? I mean, I saw people with three carry-ons instead of two - taking up room from other people in the overhead bins; people who pushed in front of other people in an attempt to beat them to the plane,as if the plane would leave before everyone standing in line were on; and one person who, when told to turn off her laptop, merely put it to sleep, stowed it until the flight attendants were all strapped in for take-off, and took it out again to resume watching her DVD.

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Annie said...

I don't know why flying seems to bring out the worst in everyone, but it's totally true, and completely irritating. Everyone wanders around the airport with this massive sense of entitlement, as if they're the only people who need to get anywhere!

In other news, I like the new background color!