Sunday, January 20, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside!

Made it safely home to Rochester, and boy, is it cold! 11, or -5 with wind chill. Not quite as cold Green Bay, but colder than Moscow and Greenland (according to the Fox NFL sports weather guy). Huh. It was deceptively sunny this afternoon - if you didn't look at the thermometer, you might be fooled into thinking it would be nice to go for a walk. We weren't fooled.

I had a pretty good time last week in Bellevue. Mostly, I just hung around with my dad, fetching tea and soda, knitting baby wash cloths, and watching Bones on DVD. I had a chance to catch up with Annie, which was great - and she gave me handmade socks! Wahoo! For a picture, check out this picture on her blog. She is a much, much better knitter than I am!

Anyway, it is back to normal here. I just started a new batch of sourdough starter - the old batch kind of died. Oops. So I should be able to make some good bread by Friday.

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