Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blustery day

8 AM: After a mild, almost warm day yesterday, we were awakened around 6 AM this morning by the sounds of a wild, blustery morning. The wind blowing through the canal area sets up quite a roar. For the second time this month, all the garbage cans up and down the street were knocked over - and at least one went sailing by our front window. Unlike the storm earlier this month, I didn't put out the recycling bins, and so don't feel obligated to go chasing trash. And if the wind weren't enough, it also rained, and then the wind brought a temperature crash, and snow, so everything is coated with a thin layer of ice. Brr! At the moment, the snow is light, but blowing horizontally...

10:45 - The house next door lost a tree sometime during the bluster, and the public works guys came by to take it away, as seen below.

And it looks like other areas of town have been hit too - the truck below is carrying the remains of a street corner sign that must have blown over. It is still snowing and blowing, at times fierce enough to be almost a white-out. I think I won't be going out any time soon. A good time to bake cookies.

About that trip to Bermuda...we're still game if anyone wants to pay!

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Thiago said...

puff!!! sorry it´s terrible!! In madrid today have a spring day!!!

A kiss from Spain