Sunday, January 13, 2008

Buffalo to Bellevue (Warning: sports content)

We certainly got our money's worth last night - the game was decided in the shoot-out, which means that it was tied at the end of regulation and tied at the end of the 5 minute overtime period. Martin Brodeur was excellent as well, after the first 5 minutes or so of the game. He stopped all the shots in the shoot-out. I was one of the only happy fans leaving the game, since it was the Sabres' 9 loss in a row, several of which were to the Devils. (Is is right for a Presbyterian to cheer for a team called the Devils? Oh well.) Compared to a game in Dallas, where we went to several hockey games, the crowd seemed much more like true hockey fans - more jerseys, team t-shirts, less mindless entertainment going on between periods to keep your interest. The seats were also less cushy, since the arena is primarily a hockey venue, whereas the Dallas arena was also a basketball arena, and basketball fans seem to be more spoiled. The sight lines were good though, even if the seats were a little hard.

Driving to and from the game we listened to the football playoffs on the radio. Poor Seaturkeys, they were just crushed, after starting out so promisingly. Ah well, that is sports in Seattle - apart from the Seattle Storm, the women's basketball team, none of the teams have been able to win big in the post-season. And "isn't he so dreamy" Tom Brady won yet again. Hmph. Maybe he will have to face off against Brett Favre in the Superbowl, and old crafty veteran will show the young whippersnapper who is really the boss. I seem to have a habit of cheering for the old veterans and not the young punks. Strange really. Anyway, I am going to cheer for Peyton Manning for now, and anyone except the Patriots in the end.

Tomorrow morning I fly off to Washington, to stay with my parents for the week while Dad is recovering from knee surgery. To get there, I have to fly through the other Washington. Crazy that is, going east in order to get west. It makes for a long day, but I will have my knitting and my books, so hopefully I will keep busy. That reminds me, I ought to go charge up my Ipod. Anyway, I might update while I am there; if not, I'll talk to you next weekend.

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