Monday, January 12, 2009

Oliver's new toy

Oliver contemplates his kingdom

Oliver was a very lucky kitty this Christmas - he got a cat tree. Well, it is supposed to be for all three cats, but Creamsicle ignores it completely, even when it is liberally covered in catnip, and Cleo only gets on the lower platform occasionally. Oliver loves it. He sleeps on the top level all the time, and has recently discovered the tube on the bottom level. And it gives him easy access to the top of the bookcase, where he perches like a little furry gargoyle (the plant on the left of the bookcase is no longer there - it was just there for a few days). Who knew this kitty who used to be afraid of heights would enjoy playing gargoyle!

Oliver pretends to be a bag of flour.
On Saturday, as I was baking bread, I turned around to put the flour back in the cupboard and discovered Oliver. He is getting bold, now that he is no longer afraid of heights! Where will he turn up next?

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