Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This little piggy when to market

On Saturday we braved the pre-Ike humidity to take a trip to the River Market in Little Rock. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of locally grown producers selling, since we had heard that it was mostly people who bought goods wholesale, like the market in Rochester. No, several of the people who supply the two CSAs that we get were there, and there were some interesting looking vegetables. And they have a great pig statue. What is it with markets and pigs? Pike Place Market also has a pig statue...Actually, I think the River Market was trying to mold itself in Pike Place's image, since it had a big sign on the roof that was similar, a pig, and covered areas with restaurants and such. No flying fish though.
We had a good lunch at a bakery/deli, and enjoyed the trip out of Conway. We will be exploring some more this coming weekend - we have tickets to opening night of the Arkansas Symphony, and plan to go out to dinner in LR beforehand. Whee.

And I have one, possibly two interviews lined up at the University of Arkansas Little Rock library, so keep your fingers crossed that something good comes of them.

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