Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our weekend with Ike

It seems ages ago now, but over the weekend we had a brush with the remains of Ike. The weather was incredibly humid and icky for most of the day on Saturday, and by later afternoon the wind had picked up and the rain began. Our biggest worry was rain coming in the tops of our living room windows - the previous night we had a rain storm that sent rain pouring in around the window frame (so much for a well constructed new apartment building). As the storm struck, however, the radio and TV weather men began to warn of possible tornadoes. eek! Eventually, while we were making dinner, the warning sirens even went off - we stayed away from the windows and drank margaritas. The worst of that part of the storm was gone pretty quickly, without any actual tornado and without getting any rain into the windows. The wind and rain continued throughout the night, and I did have to get up around 2:30 to mop up water around the windows, but nothing more exciting. Ah well. Sunday morning brought sunny skies and cooler weather (hurrah!) and the damage was visible - mostly just small branches down, the occasional tree knocked over. So, we survived the hurricane aftermath pretty well - other areas of the state had flooding and power outages. That is as close as I want to come to a hurricane however!

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