Monday, April 11, 2011

Sedona's red rocks

So, last weekend I flew to Arizona to spend a few days with my mother, grandmother, and aunt and uncle. I have been visiting Sedona for maybe 20 years, but I am still awed by the scenery there. The rocks are so red, and so unlike anything you see anywhere else - even at the Grand Canyon - and the skies are so expansive and variable. Digital cameras make it so easy to get a good shot too - you don't have to worry about wasting film, or wondering if you got what you were hoping for, since you can see it immediately. All of this is a way of leading up to the fact that I have so many photos of scenery from this 4-day trip that you are going to get to see it all week!

When the sun hits the rocks at sunset or sunrise, they glow. Seriously. Glowing.

Even though there is a lot of vegetation, you can see for miles, unlike in most parts of Arkansas or Western Washington. It is like the prairie that way. But there are more large landscape features to see than on the prairie. To me, that makes the skies a little less oppressive.

And they are so blue. A blue that seems different from the blue elsewhere.

You can hike to the tops of most of these mesas. I haven't done that yet, but my grandparents did all of them, when they first retired to Sedona. Just look out for the New Agey types and their Energy Vortex hikes.

It is hard to keep your eyes on the road at times, when the vista constantly holds such wonders. Good thing they improved the main road into town.

If there were more employment opportunities for an over-educated librarian and an ancient philosopher, I might even consider moving there some day. 

For now, I will just have to enjoy these pictures. And remember that Arizona is full of wacko politicians, and hot. Very hot, even in the mountains.

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