Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sedona Sky

Sedona has some of the most amazing skies. At sunrise and sunset, the light plays off the clouds and the rocks and just makes you gasp.

I know there are other places that get amazing skies, but such things don't seem to happen in the city or the suburbs very often. A proper vista seems to be required for the clouds to have that endless quality, the ability to glow.

Of course, it helps that the area is surrounded by national forest, and thus has fewer houses than it might otherwise, and fewer city lights to get in the way. That is certainly true at night, when the sky is as wide as you expect it to be in the desert.

Here, the clouds almost look like mountains, don't they? Off in the distance, far away. But they are just clouds.

The sky can change color too, depending on the angle of light, the type of clouds, the amount of dust or pollen in the air.

(Taken through the windshield - hence the darker portion at the top) It isn't just the early morning and late evening skies that are so amazing though. The day time ones are pretty spectacular themselves.

And they go on forever.