Friday, February 25, 2011

Small moments of grace

Yesterday was a blustery day, capped off by severe thunderstorms and a tornado warning that set off all the sirens in town. And yet, by 8 PM when I took the garbage out and wheeled the bin to the curb, the sky was clear, and I could see Orion.

After a gray winter, the daffodils are starting to bloom around town, and the trees are starting to put on new leaves and flowers.

I slept in, which made my trip to the gym shorter, and made me run a little late leaving the house for work, but traffic was light the entire way, and instead of being late, I was 5 minutes early.

As I drove in, the clouds had returned, but the sun occasionally broke through with shafts of light, the kind I always imagined shining on Jesus at his baptism when I was a child, and that always reminds me of beauty and grace.

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