Friday, February 11, 2011

Photo catch-up - January snow storm

OK, so I am a little behind in taking pictures from my camera.  Good thing I just had 2 unscheduled days off thanks to another snow storm. Anyway, here are some pictures from the now minor-looking snow storm.

As it started, just a nice dusting. Makes the yard look a lot better than the January brown grass and mud (where Miikka has been digging).

The next morning. Yay for a few inches of snow.

We were on our way back to tennis when the snow started, and by the time we came home, an hour and a half later, we couldn't get up our hill, so we left my poor little car at the bottom. It had lots of company.

Here is the hill, from the top. But oddly enough, we were actually able to get it up this time.

Anyway, that was our first snow storm of the year. This week we got almost twice as much snow. As I said, I got Wednesday and Thursday off, and Benjamin is still off (he totally could have made it today, but the university was closed.) Tomorrow, the February snow storm.

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