Monday, July 12, 2010

More Amsterdam

Here are some more pictures from our days in Amsterdam.  We saw a lot of herons around town. This one happened to be right outside the front door of our Bed & Breakfast one morning. Just strolling along. You can see the canal in the background, and all the trees. Not to mention that the Vondelpark is only a block or two away. Seems like a pretty sweet place for a bird.

Here he is, having crossed the road. Still just strolling, totally ignoring the paparazzi.

The canal our B&B was on is a busy one, with actual working barges on it.  This barge even had its own car, for those jaunts into town from the harbor, I presume.

This car is even smaller. Smaller than the Smart Cars that we have here too. Huh. I bet my bear-sized dad couldn't even get into this one, it is so small. And I certainly wouldn't want to be driving that around on the American-sized freeways...

Don't want junk mail? Tell the mail-carrier right on your mail slot. Some of these say nee ja, or ja nee, or ja ja ( I don't actually remember seeing any of those though. Junk mail isn't popular anywhere!), depending on if you will take all junk mail, or only certain kinds.

Yet another heron, even using the crosswalk! Those Europeans, so sophisticated!

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