Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Bloemenmarkt

I was going to move on to other parts of Amsterdam, but after looking through our photos again, I have to share more of the Bloemenmarkt with you. I love the colors in this photo - the blue of the tulips and the chartreuse of the hydrangea. Yum.

So many tulips! In as many colors as a box of crayons.

I love these not yet open ones, with the hint of green around the petals yet, waiting to bloom.

These too, on some of the really closed ones, you can't even tell what the final color will be.

But tulips aren't the only flower available at the market.  Here are birds of paradise, and behind them, seeds for morning glories (or a type of clematis, can't tell from this picture) and cactus, and off to the right, some white bloom peeks its edges out.

And should you want lilies, instead of tulips, there were plenty of bulbs to choose from as well. Not that you were supposed to touch them (in 5 languages)...

So many bulbs - I wished over and over again that I could have bought some to bring home, that I lived in a climate conducive to so many bulbs.

For the more adventurous gardener, there were also cannabis starter kits. I kind of wanted to bring one of those home as well, but I KNOW that wouldn't have made it through customs, and neither would I. So I had to be content with a picture.

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Candace said...

I see several screen savers:)