Monday, July 19, 2010

Miikka on Monday

It has been a little while since I posted Miikka pictures, so here are some to brighten your Monday. No, that is not a giant toilet paper tube - if came from the giant printer we have at work. Miikka enjoyed destroying it.

Sometimes, Miikka takes a break from destroying paper tubes and chasing squirrels. Sometimes he even joins me for a relaxing afternoon siesta on the couch.

He and Creamsicle get along fairly well, as seen here. Some days he prefers to chase her though. She does not appreciate such rude behavior.

Me, rude? Never. This is his best cute, I'm-not-really-a-trouble-pup face. It works all the time.

I am about to go get some squirrels for you Mama! Watch me go. See the path he has forged between the bushes? He takes a flying leap and hits the ground running.

We had a cookout/potluck at our house on Saturday night.  Looks like someone had a good time at the party! He was too tired to even start to destroy this box.

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