Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is what happens...

When you dream about being awake before your alarm goes off: You forget that you haven't done things that you are supposed to do.

This morning, I was dreaming about being awake and going to the gym before my alarm went off and I got up to go to the gym. So, my head really wasn't all there when I got dressed. Usually, I put on my gym shorts, then my track suit pants, along with socks, sports bra, t-shirt, and shoes. This morning, somehow, I forgot the shorts. Now, this isn't the biggest mistake in the world, but the thing is, I didn't notice until I was at the gym...removing my pants. In the cardio room. Oops.

Good thing no-one was looking at me - they were too busy watching the weather report that way telling us to be prepared on Thursday and Friday for Icepocalypse 2010 2.0.

So there is your laugh at Hope moment for today. I certainly did, once I pulled my pants back on.

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