Thursday, January 21, 2010

More granola

Ways to eat granola:
  • Straight - grab a handful and toss it back. That is what I have done for dessert the past few days.
  • Mixed in with yogurt - I use homemade plain, Benjamin uses Wallaby, various flavors. The tartness of the yogurt contrasts nicely with the honey sweetness of the fruit and oats.
  • Sprinkled on top of ice cream - self-explanatory, and possibly better than chocolate sauce.
  • Baked into bread - I have not tried this myself, but have several recipes for granola bread. I am not sure it is necessary, since oatmeal bread is granola without the oatmeal flakes being baked. I suppose if you had a special type of granola...but the granola I made this week is far too good to waste in bread.

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