Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Day!

Friday, mid-day, before the snow.

Icepocalypse 2010 2.0 actually happened! Friday we woke up to falling sleet, slick roadways, and a day off work. The sleet continued to fall all day, finally changing to snow around bedtime.

Look closely and you will see some little icicles.

Our backyard was covered in snow, and it actually stuck to the road, for once.

Yum yum! It's like an ice cream cone, without the cone!

At first, Miikka wasn't sure what to make of the cold white stuff - Friday morning, he refused to potty outside, instead peeing on the carpet, but by mid-morning, he had the hang of it. The cold didn't seem to bother him a bit, as long as he kept moving, patrolling his borders and chasing the squirrels who came to pilfer bird seed.

What are you waiting for? There is more snow to eat!

We braved the cold and sleet to get some exercise on Friday, and Miikka was as happy as a clam, err, polar bear. This picture was taken before the snow got started - by Saturday, you couldn't see the grass.

Hill 'o pain - why does it never get any easier?

This is the steep path up the side of our hill - we climb this just about every day. This weekend, Miikka had it a lot easier, what with his four-paw drive. We slipped along behind. Too bad he isn't really big enough to pull us up (although he does try).

And so, we enjoyed our time with snow and ice. I got my desk cleaned off and the papers stacked on it filed away. We made beef stew, and I baked bread and snack mix and granola. We watched lots of DVDs. Now, it is back to work and back to normal, thanks to the sun yesterday that cleared most of the roadways, although people are still driving as though they could spin out at any moment. Ah, Southerners...

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