Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Miikka, destroyer of beds and toys

Here is Miikka, in what was supposed to be his new bed. You will notice that it is upside down, and his head is sticking through the bottom. Now Miikka has no bed. His carrot and nylabone, and other various and sundry toys have also gone away. Miikka is not an "average chewer," as the strength rating on one of his toys put it. He is an aggressive chewer. Silly puppy...beds are for sleeping, not for eating!

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Rachel Weiss said...

I like the new look and really like the picture of Mikka and the bed! It reminds me of my dog, who destroyed everything that first year. She even went through the "wolf" size nylabone. Yikes! Things are calming down a bit, but her bed was history after about two weeks.