Monday, November 30, 2009


Before I get around to posting about Thanksgiving and our hike, let's continue with the theme of things Miikka has destroyed. He loves to chew, and boy, does he have some teeth on him!

He took the top off of his (supposedly indestructible) Kong. I have never seen a dog do this, although it has been heard of.

The right is the before picture, left is after Miikka has finished with it. We bought a new one, and he has already eaten all the extra strands off the end of the rope. Also supposed to be sturdy and hard to destroy. None of my other dog owning friends has ever seen a dog do this either.

These two bones do not belong together. The one of the right used to be of the same size as the one on the left. These are made of hard plastic, to be chewed on for ages. Miikka did this damage in about an hour. He ate it. (See top picture for a "before" of the bone.)


Candace said...

Good grief!

mdvlist said...

Thank you for helping me to prepare for that day when certain people around here begin asking for a puppy.