Friday, September 18, 2009

Mishmash for Friday

A couple of cute pictures for Friday. Sometimes, Miikka stops wiggling long enough to cuddle with me. Aw.

This is supposed to be Miikka's bed, but right after my mother bought it for him, he chewed open the zipper and started in on the foam. Since I didn't want him eating foam, I took the bed away and put it out of reach on the cat tree. Eventually, Oliver discovered and claimed it. Even after I repaired the zipper and put it on the floor, he decided he wanted to sleep in it. So, it is back on the middle level of the cat tree, and Oliver snuggles down in it. Miikka doesn't mind - he prefers his little blue donut (which is really a cat bed). Huh.

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Anonymous said...

Goes to show you that attachments begin at early ages:)