Friday, September 25, 2009

Cat holiday

The cats are enjoying a short holiday from the monster, aka Miikka. He went to the vet yesterday for his "little surgery," as the vet put it. They kept him overnight for observation, so the house has been puppy-free. Oliver and Creamsicle are currently rampaging throughout the living room. They go in there anyway, but they don't really have freedom of movement, because Miikka usually ends up chasing them around the couch. Cleo never comes into that end of the house, but we managed to get her out for a couple of minutes last night while we were watching TV. (OK, I carried her out, and she ran back into the bedroom as soon as Creamsicle approached, but still, she was out there).

Miikka gets attacked by the evil blue donut

Well, their holiday ends this afternoon, when Miikka returns. Unless he is still all dopey, I am sure he will be hyper and ready to chase some cats.

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