Monday, October 13, 2008

My day away from the news

After my last post, I decided to take a day off from the news, in all its forms. So, I didn't listen to the radio, read the newspaper on-line, watch TV news, or read a several week old issue of the New York Times Magazine that I had lying around. I didn't even check my email more than about 3 times all day, which is a very low number for me. And it felt nice. While I missed having the radio on in the background while I got breakfast and tidied up, and I missed reading blogs, I did not miss hearing an endless repeat of the financial news and political yakking. The hardest thing really was not reading my email or repeatedly checking blogs, even though there wasn't anything to read. And you know what? When I did return to the news on Saturday, nothing had changed. No big surprises, no revelations; everything was pretty much as I left it on Thursday night. Maybe I will make this a weekly thing, until the election at least.

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