Monday, October 20, 2008

Butterfield Trail

Here are a couple of pictures from our weekend 15 mile hiking trip. Above, you can see my nifty backpack, as well as some of the rocks we walked through. The tree in front of me was knocked down in a windstorm, or bent over after another tree fell on it. (Can't remember which for that particular tree, but there were plenty of both alongside the trail).

This is a view down Blackburn Creek, one of two main creeks that run beside the trail. We camped beside this one on Friday night. The trees are just starting to turn - I am sure they will be gorgeous in another week or two. The moon was near full, and when I got up briefly around 3 AM, it was almost bright enough to read by - beautiful.

You can see all the rocks on this hillside. There were certainly a lot of rocks - on the hills, on the trail, in the creek. And there were a lot of trees. We saw about 10 deer on Saturday morning - otherwise, no wildlife. Not even a squirrel. No other hikers - apart from two groups we saw who were leaving as we hiked in, and three other people on the trail, who camped elsewhere. It was peaceful and just what we needed.

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